Verbena officinalis

Family Verbenaceae
Scientific name Verbena officinalis L.
Synonyms Verbena macrostachya F. Mueller; Verbena officinalis L. forma albiflora (Strobl) Strobl ex Hegi; Verbena officinalis L. var. albiflora Strobl; Verbena officinalis L. var. anarrhinoides Murr; Verbena officinalis L. var. brachyantha Murr; Verbena officinalis L. var. gaudichaudii Briquet; Verbena officinalis L. var. genuina Briquet; Verbena officinalis L. var. macrostachya (F. Mueller) Bentham; Verbena officinalis L. var. prostrata Grenier & Godron; Verbena officinalis L. var. resedifolia Murr; Verbena officinalis L. var. spuria (Linnaeus) Hooker; Verbena officinalis L. var. vulgaris Schauer; Verbena rumelica Velenovsky; Verbena spuria L.; Verbena vulgaris Bubani
Common name (Japanese common name) kuma-tsudura (クマツヅラ, 熊葛 [meaning: bear vine])
(English common name) common verbena, common vervain, vervain, Juno's tears
Distribution (Japan) Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) Russia, Korea, China, worldwide
Habitat Field, farm yard, roadside
Chromosomal number 2n=14
Description Plants electing 30-80cm tall. Leaves 3-10cm long, 2-5cm wide. Flowers pale purple corollas 4mm across, flowering in June to September. Fruits 1.5mm long. Perennial plants.
Reference Verbena officinalis L.
Verbena officinalis L.
Phytopreparation for treating skin affections (US Patent 4855131/1989)
Freeze-dried ginseng berry tea (US Patent 6210738/2001)
Plant oil and chemical compound having acericidal activity (WIPO Patent WO/2003/015522)
Improved pharmaceutical composition containing artichoke extract, and process for its production (WIPO Patent WO/2007/030902)
Methods and compositoons for skin care (WIPO Patent WO/2008/070368)
Physically stable sprayable gel composition (European Patent EP1293194/2003)

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