Rohdea japonica

Family Ruscaceae (also placed in Liliaceae)
Scientific name Rohdea japonica (Thunberg) Roth
Synonyms Orontium japonicum Thunberg; Rohdea esquirolii H. Léveillé; Rohdea sinensis H. Léveillé
Common name (Japanese common name) omoto (オモト, 萬年青 [meaning: evergreen plants])
(English common name) Japanese sacred lily
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (west of Kanto region), Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) China
Habitat Forest
Chromosomal number 2n=38
Description Leaves 30-50cm long, non hair. Scapes 8-18cm tall, non hair, bracts 2-3mm. Flowers flowering in May to July. Fruits red or merely yellow 1cm. Perennial plants.
References Rohdea japonica (Thunberg) Roth
Rohdea japonica (Thunb.) Roth
Rohdea japonica Roth
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