Parnassia foliosa

Family Parnassiaceae (also placed in Saxifragaceae)
Scientific name Parnassia foliosa Hooker f. & Thomson
Synonyms Parnassia foliosa Hooker f. & Thomson subsp. nummularia (Maximowicz) Kitamura & Murata; Parnassia foliosa Hooker f. & Thomson var. nummularia (Maximowicz) T.Itô; Parnassia nummularia Maximowicz ex Drude
Common name (Japanese common name) shira-hige-sou (シラヒゲソウ, 白髭草 [meaning: white beard weed])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) China, India
Habitat Mountane or subalpine swamp or wet field
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Leaves 1.5-4cm across. Scapes electing 12-40cm tall. Flowers white 15-20mm across, flowering in August to September. Perennial plants.
Reference Parnassia foliosa Hook. f. & Thomson
Parnassia foliosa J. D. Hooker & Thomson
Liver function protecting or improving agent (US Patent Application 20020110605)
Preventives or remedies for arthritis (US Patent Application 20040161478)
Plant Germination Inhibitor And Method Of Use Thereof (US Patent Application 20070274956)

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