Trichosanthes kirilowii var. japonica

Family Cucurbitaceae
Subfamily Cucurbitoideae
Tribe Trichosantheae
Subtribe Trichosanthinae
Scientific name Trichosanthes kirilowii Maximovicz var. japonica (Miquel) Kitamura
Synonyms Trichosanthes japonica (Miquel) Regel
Common name (Japanese common name) ki-karasu uri (キカラスウリ, 黄烏瓜 [meaning: yellow crow melon])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido (Okushiri Island), Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) none
Habitat Forest edge.
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Leaves 6-10cm wide, non hair. Flowers white, flowering in July to September. Fruits yellow ca. 10cm long. Vine. Perennial plants.
Reference Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim.
Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim.
Anti-HIV protein, TAP 29, from tricosanthes, DNA coding therefor and therapeutic uses thereof (US Patent 5532214/1996)
Novel cytotoxic protein (European Patent Application EP0286441)
Cosmetic composition containing polyorganosiloxane-containing epsilon-polylysine polymer, and polyhydric alcohol, and production thereof (European Patent EP1604647/2008)
Oil droplet-in-water type emulsion composition (Japanese Patent JP62087241/1987)
Bleaching cosmetic (Japanese Patent JP2005112793)
Note Trichosanthes kirilowii (var. kirilowii) occurs in Korea, China and SE Asia.

July 2009
at a private garden

male plants

July 2009
at a private garden
July 2009
at a private garden
July 2009
at a private garden